COVID 19 Update as of 19/3/20

Thank you for your continued support at this time. We are OPEN as usual for appointments and bookings. However we have to try to ensure the safely of Staff Practitioners and Visitors, therefore we require the following terms to be strictly adhered to:

  • On entering the building with our reception buzzer you must wash your hands in the recommended manner in the Bathroom to the right of the stairs. Alternatively use the hand sanitizer provided but hand washing is best we believe.
  • Please respect the ‘social distancing’ recommendation of 2 meters of space . If our usual reception room is filling up reception will re-direct you to another room so that you do not have to sit closely with others. We are now providing washable chairs for those that can use them.
  • If you have visited another country in the last 14 days please re- book your appointment until the waiting days are over. Unfortunately you can not be seen at this time. However it may be possible to book a telephone call or a video appointment, with either Jason or Gavin. Just ask our receptionist at Cowan House (01934 6432262) or email us on
  • If you have had any of the Corona symptoms in the last 7 days  please re- book your appointment and follow the current Government advice for contact with others.

We are keen to stay open as many people will be needing our services over this difficult time, please help us to ensure we can do this by following our visiting rules. For our part we are trying to open the windows when suitable. We have increased our cleaning regime and we are checking all visitors are aware of our entry procedure.

Stay healthily and stay safe. From all of us at Resolve Health Physiotherapy

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Located in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, Resolve Health Physiotherapy lies in a key location for North Somerset. With accessible transport links to both Bristol and Clevedon in the north, and Bridgwater and Glastonbury to the south – our clinic can serve the South West of England with ease.